Slow Cooker Lasagne

500g beef or pork mince

1 large carrot grated

1 large diced onion

1 glove of garlic finely grated

1 tin of Italian style diced tomatoes

1 700g jar of pasata

1 packet of dry lasagne pasta

1 cup grated tasty cheese

I do this part the night before: Brown off in a pan with a little olive oil the onion, then add beef and garlic, once mince cooked through add tomatoes, pasata and carrot, decrease heat to a simmer – cook for 10 min. Refrigerate.

Next day: start with mince and layer sauce and lasagne sheets – you may need to break them to fit – last layer should be sauce topped with your cheese. Using the slow setting on your slow cooker – 7 hours or so, I top with a little more cheese 1/2 hour before serving. This is a rustic dish so don’t expect it to look neat on serving! Delish! 


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