Curry Thai

Panang Beef Curry

I make this delight in the slow cooker.  This ensures the most moist tender beef.  I use a store brought curry paste so the preparation on this one is super quick.

500g beef cheeks, 1/2 jar of panang paste, 400g can of coconut of milk or coconut cream (your choice), 2 large potatoes, juice of a lime or a squirt of bottled lime juice, a table spoon of fish sauce and a desert spoon of brown sugar.

Put the beef cheeks in whole in slow cooker, cover with combined paste and coconut milk.  8 hours later lift the beef out of slow cooker and pull apart with a fork, peel and cook your potatoes, add beef and potato to curry (I added green beans on this occasion for extra veg but you can omit or add anything you like) and put in your lime juice, fish sauce and brown sugar.  Serve with boiled rice!

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